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"I asked Anne if she could do a picture of our 6 Springer Spaniels, I wanted all 6 in one picture... A big ask of anyone! Anne was up to the challenge and took the commission on, this was for a Christmas present for my husband. Anne sent progress update pictures and at every stage I was truly amazed. All 6 are all very different in nature and what astounded me the most was that the picture was all done from photos sent online, she didn't know or meet the dogs, yet each of their personalities has come alive in the picture. The end result is astounding, their markings are spot on ( pardon the pun) , their eyes are alive and their noses even look wet." - Melanie Green.


"Anne did the portrait of the two springer spaniels for me. She has never met them yet she captured their characters exactly. The portrait itself is absolutely stunning, you can see every hair, every crack on their noses and their eyes are so real, in fact it is far better then any photograph. We communicated via email, I sent photos of each dog and told her a bit about their characters. I would genuinely recommend her to anyone, she has the client at heart. All visitors to my house comment on the portrait. I cannot commend her highly enough." - Pat Fairless.

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"Anne’s portraits don’t simply replicate the picture into pastel but also add a character to the subject itself. She did such a brilliant job of our previous dog Duke that we didn’t hesitate to get one done also of our current dog Ronnie. Friends, family and work colleagues who have seen the portraits have all commented on how brilliant and lifelike they are." - Ian & Rhona Beresford


"I received this picture of my dog Arnie as a Christmas present. I was absolutely thrilled with it. He is so lifelike. Now he is no longer with us it is a beautiful reminder of him in his prime. I take great pleasure from it every day." - Elizabeth Richardson.