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AJG Pet Portraits create fantastic pet
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My name is Anne Johnston Gill and I live in Berwick upon Tweed in the Scottish Borders.
I have been painting pet portraits for many years but it is only recently that I have taken it up full time.
I attended Edinburgh College of Art when I left school in 1984. However I took up a different career and only painted in my spare time. I have always painted commissions locally since I was 14 yrs old.

Now my five children are either at school or nursery I have decided to paint full time. As I really love to paint animals, this is my main focus although I still paint landscapes locally.

A pet portrait in pastel makes a wonderful gift – ideal for birthdays or Christmas.
I capture the true character of your pets in my pictures – cat, dog horse or any other animal.

I love being a pet portrait artist. There are so many breeds and I love to capture their character using only the finest pastels. I can paint any animal. All I need is a very clear photograph to work from. It is important to have a good photograph. The quality of the finished portrait depends on this.

In Progress


Please do not send mobile phone pictures as these are not clear enough.
The best place to photograph your pet is outside or by a window. An overcast day is best. Stand with your back to the sun to take the photo and try not to use the flash. Take the photograph at the same level as your pet. Use something to get your pet interested e.g. food, a toy and try to get him to look just to the side of you – not directly at the camera. A slight angle to the side makes a better picture.

Remember I need to see the eyes clearly – it Is what makes the picture come alive.



Standard A2/A3 size (23.4in x 16.5in) is £300 for a single subject or £250 for A4 with a single subject.

Standard A2/A3 size (23.4in x 16.5in) is £400 for 2 subjects on one picture or £350 for A4 with two subjects.

All pictures are unframed
Please get in contact for prices for different sizes

POSTAGE and packing UK £15

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